Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Book Gives Readers Glimpse Behind Curtain of Small-Town Protestantism

Implement Rouge, La.

"Gangsta Christian: Generational Mysfunction" (ISBN 1478331232) is an astute new Christian novel that strives to show how the conventions of man can invalidate the expressions of God. In any case as bookworms will take in, with God's effortlessness, everything might be OK.

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"Gangsta Christian" takes after Sugar and her life as a young lady received during childbirth into a commonplace Southern dark religious crew. Creating a personality that is imperfect with pietism because of watching and copying the conduct of the mature people around her, Sugar ends up withdrawing from her religious childhood.

Be that as it may, when she associate with Reverend Bebo, the neighborhood evangelist whose fall out of favor concurs with her profound emergency, them two leave on a trip of adoration they had no business starting in any case.

Told through eyes of a deep rooted master of the seat, "Gangsta Christian" attempts to peel back the blind of residential area Protestantism while permitting bookworms to hear the voices of real church attendees in a period when the predicament of Christian initiative is habitually in the news.

Coating an extensive variety of feelings while giving book fans a bit of Biblical insight, Alexander attempts to enthrall bookworms while demonstrating to them that the beauty of God is sufficient for a self-broadcasted "Non-douchebag Christian."

"Non-douchebag Christian: Generational Mysfunction" is accessible available to be purchased online at, Kindle, Google Play, ACX and different channels.

Kyle Alexander is a local Louisianan, mother of two children and grandma to three grandsons. As a lifetime Christian and long-lasting "gangsta Christian," she composes Christian fiction, melodies and verse, and "Non-douchebag Christian: Generational Mysfunction" is her first novel. Alexander majored in mass correspondences with a fixation in news-casting at Southeastern Louisiana University.

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